Monday, September 8, 2008

At last! A taste of the Dirty Hairy Lite IPA!!!

Well, the time finally came to have a taste of that wonderful brew! How will all the hard work turn out?

The Malted Hops Jedi Master did another great job with the labels (that is my little nephew pictured). I was giddy to get the bottle opened and try a cold pour!

Mmm...would you look at that? The color turned out to be a lot more amber than I had originally thought, but boy did it turn out nice! It was a very full bodied beer with a load of subtle, little carbonation bubbles. The malt and hops were really nicely balanced, and it made for a very smooth and delicious draught of beer.

It was a once in a lifetime (well, until we brew it again!) chance to try the ale we had brewed that 4th of July. It's gone now, but it will be remembered forever.

(Consequently, yes, that is a bottle of Glenlivet 18 year single malt scotch in the background...perhaps the only thing that could overshadow a good homebrew!)

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