Sunday, May 20, 2012

Roots of Fangorn - Boss Strategy Strat

Please click on image to enlarge.

I realize it looks like there is a lot going on in this diagram, but once you understand what the components are and what function the play into this battle, you and your fellowship can beat this fight with little or no hassle and get some decent loot!

As you enter the room (yellow star) you will see a large cave-like room with six roots (brown circles) and a large spider standing in front of a waterfall (dark green star). The fight will not start until the tank gets close enough to the spider (very close). Make sure everyone is in the room, because webbing will close the entrance behind you!

Once the fight starts, there are a few things to be aware of that will make a break an attempt at this fight:

1. The boss does a strong frontal AOE attack.

2. Throughout the course of the fight, small spiders will descend (light green arrows) from the ceiling to poison the roots, and if they touch a member of the fellowship they will poison them so severely that it is virtually impossible to heal through.

3. Throughout the course of the fight, the boss will randomly spit a stacking poison DOT on a fellowship member. If you get 3 or more of these poisons, it becomes very difficult to heal. If you get more than 5 of these poisons, it is almost impossible to heal.

Here are the solutions for these obstacles:

1. Our good friend, the tank (red star) will need to grab the boss (large dark green spider) and drag him over to a wall (small yellow arrows) between two of the roots. The two nearest are a good choice. The tank puts his butt up against the wall, and (theoretically) no one else gets hit by the frontal AOE.

Our other good friend, the healer (signified by the heart),  will set up shop safely away from large spider and where the initial two small spiders drop. Being near the ranged DPS (or at least where they can easily see you) is a great idea.

2. To deal with the adds, we would preferably have a strong ranged dps class (Hunter or Rune Keeper, signified by large orange triangle) and a Crowd Controller (Lore Master or Burglar). Here are some important notes for dealing with the adds:

A. Early in the fight, the add that drops near the waterfall is the most dangerous and needs to die first. The add in the cave (it spawns from where your fellowship entered the room) can be mezzed until it can be nuked down)

B. Later in the fight (reason unestablished as of this writing) a THIRD add (signified by green, dotted arrow). When this add starts coming in, it becomes primary target, waterfall secondary, cavern add third. This new add will land very close members of the fellowship and it is imperative that it is dealt with immediately. If you have more than one CC class, assign one specifically to watch for this add and keep it mez locked until it can be nuked down.

3. As the poisons add up, the ONLY way to remove them is to wait for a white text to appear on the screen that tells that one of the roots is attempting to remove the poison. The root will be glowing softly green (see diagram in lower right hand corner). You have an incredibly short window of opportunity to run to the green light (which instantly removes all poison). if you miss it, you need to go back to where you belong and wait for your next opportunity (chug a heal pot if you need to).

Miscellanea by position/class:

Tank-the only thing you have to do is keep the boss faced towards a wall. Two other things you can do if it is seemingly safe is to clear your poisons if you notice one of the roots nearby are glowing AND interrupt the boss if you see an induction and are able.

Healer-this is a tough fight to heal. However, if everyone is doing their jobs, you should not get any adds on you from healing threat. Try really hard to clear the poisons on yourself as often as possible. Hopefully there will be some type of secondary healer to help out.

Ranged DPS-you guys are the real heroes of this fight and can determine if it goes well or if it sucks. Keep in mind how you want to utilize your DPS. We want slow inductions and Damage Over Time on the boss (we don't need to kill him quickly) we want ALL fast acting nukes available for when the adds descend. Killing the adds as fast as possible is a thousand times more important than DPS on the boss. When you do dps the boss, do only single target dps. AOEs are not needed and could compromise a mezzed target and that could wipe the group.

Melee DPS-you are only doing ONE thing, long term, sustainable SINGLE TARGET dps on the boss in the white area BEHIND the boss and out of his AOE. AOEs are not needed at all and can in fact mess up mezzed adds which can wipe the group. Single target DPS the boss, and interrupt the boss if you see an induction and are able to.

CC-you should be assigned to mezzing a dropping spider. Fortify that job at the cost of almost all else. The ranged dps should be picking up and killing the waterfall dropping spider first, so the CC should be "patrolling the area (signified by blue circle) to get any and all dropping spiders mezzed. These spiders come fast enough that burglars need to run in mischief regardless of how they are traited so that their mez is up as often as possible. CCs can throw debuffs, interrupts, and single target ranged dps on the main boss, bit not at the expense of letting any of them adds through.

Finally, there are really just two things to say that summarize just what the heck needs to be done to win this fight:

1. Mezzing and killing the adds as fast as possible is more important than DPSing the boss itself. If the adds are taken care of correctly, the boss will eventually just die.

2. Clearing your poisons when you are able will make the fight a million time more survivable and less stressful on your healer(s).

Good luck!