Monday, July 14, 2008

Beers I drank on vacation

On the same vacation to New Hampshire that I sat in on the brewing process, I also had the opportunity to sample some of the Malted Hops Jedi Master's brews! (And a few others, too.)

This is the (in)famous Diablo brew! Maybe not the flashiest of the beers, it certainly had the most kick. Smooth as a baby's bottom, too.

After a long and hazardous winter, the malted Hops Jedi Master brewed this fine brown ale. Not too bitter, not too sweet, but JUST RIGHT.

Another fine home-made brown ale. This one is a little more "classic" in flavour than the previous brown ale (a little more robust and bitter).

This was a decent "American Ale", I kind of picked it out at random to give it a try.

Of course, Malted Hops Jedi Master had some Sam Adams on hand!

Empties! The natural byproduct of beertasting. :)

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